Luna Skywalker Tucker

I'm Luna Tucker, a freelancer with a wide range of skills: web design, 3D art, Vector art, creative writing, project management, and an even wider array of experience in numerous creative software.

This sample is an example of a simple responsive one-page site, expandable with as much information sections as needed and responsive to appear readable on all devices.

I coded from scratch, a site which is now home to numerous pages of collected info, external links, templates for HTML5 Game Support, and is entirely responsive for mobile platforms.



Automating web development, web scraping, data management; Programming scripted posting to Social Media of generated content; Using the command line for bulk image processing and as an engine for video games.

Web integration; Experience with HTML5 Gaming Engines such as Phaser 3; Backend Programming with Node.js, Express,

Game Engines

Varied amounts of dabbling and experience with:

Phaser 3
Source Engine

Other Tools

Varied amounts of dabbling and experience with:

Unity Editor
Godot Editor
Unreal Editor
Hammer Edtior

Blender 3D
Paint Tool SAI
Vegas Pro
JPEXS Flash Decompiler

Visual Studio Code

I founded and run, a Homestuck fansite that acts as a hub for all my Homestuck related content, including a number of archival endeavors, journalistic write-ups, and artistic projects. I also run all associated social media, on both Twitter and Tumblr. They have a combined total of nearly 4,000 followers, and I've seen peaks of 5,000 monthly users on the site.

ForFansByFans: #ByeSteevin

ForFansByFans tasked me with putting together a drawpile to bid farewell to one of their team. I set up a Discord Server and webpage, contacting artists and arranging the posting of the art. Check out the tag #ByeSteevin on Twitter and Tumblr.


Blender 3D : 6+ years experience in Blender 3D as a hobbyist, with a massive amount of 3D art experience. See my portfolio for a curated assortment

Photoshop : 5+ years experience as a hobbyist in photo-editing and digital art touch-up. Most of my 3D work is processed through Photoshop for additional editing.

Vegas Pro 14.0 : 2+ years experience in Video Editing.

Inkscape : 7+ years experience with vector art for logo and graphic design.


Homestuck Fan Music Team Artist : I've done track and album art for a number of Music projects. You can see a full gallery here.

Michael Guy Bowman's Suicide Hotline : I contributed a 3D background to the music video.